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The Old Town charms, the view is impressive and its sights will "steal" your attention.

999 Steps to Palamidi castle

Next stop: the Palamidi Castle, which proudly stands 216 m above sea level. In order to reach it you have to climb all of its 999 steps carved into the rock. Not to worry, though:the view from above here is totally rewarding! Venture into a place drenched in history, where the famous hero of the Greek Revolution Theodore Kolokotronis had been imprisoned.


In the summer, take an invigorating swim on the beaches of Arvanitia, Karathonas, Nea Kios, Miloi and Kiveri. You will also find a nice beach offering all kinds of facilities in Tolo, only 15 min away from the town.

Short escapes

Tiryns (7 km N) is worth visiting for its famous archaeological site, Ancient Tiryns. The first buildings were constructed during the Neolithic Period. The cyclopean walls were built in the 14th and 13th century B.C. and embrace the upper, middle and lower acropolis. The city extends around the acropolis. You can also visit a Mycenaean tholos tomb situated 1km NW.


At sunset take a romantic stroll around the so-called "Arvanitia Promenade", the most popular walk in town (1 km in length) dominated by the rocky landscape of Akronafplia/ use the tourist trains to enjoy a leisurely tour around the town/ buy some souvenirs from the Old Town's souvenir shops, certainly "kombolóyia"...

Also worth visiting

The War Museum, housed in the buildings of the former (first) Military Academy/ the houses of regent Armansberg and Mauer/ the "Lion of the Bavarians" standing in the suburb of "Pronia"/ the prestigious Peloponnesian Folk Art Museum/ The Children's Museum / the one of its kind "Komboloi Museum"

Boating in Bourtzi

You are in a coffee shop and gaze at the sea and the beautiful Mpourtzi. And suddenly you feel the desire to discover what lies behind the castle. The boats that will lead you to the island are located just in front of you, at the beginning of the beach. Experienced captains, make these routes everyday. All you have to sacrifice is 4€ and in five minutes you are in the Venetian castle.

Folklore Museum

The Peloponisian folkloric foundation of B. Papandoniou, the most important folkloric foundation of the Greece which has also been awarded as the first and biggest folkloric museum of Europe.

Archaeological Museum

The Archeological museum, established at a Venetian building which was constructed in 1713. One can admire rare artifacts of the Mycenaean period.

Syndagma Square

Syndagma Square, the most important and historic square in Nauplio. Today, one can see many important historic buildings in the square, such as the Venetian Warehouse of the Fleet.


Mycenae 'Rich in Gold', the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung by Homer in his epics, is the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.


Argos is one of the oldest cities in Greece. The city of Argos is believed to be the birthplace of the mythological character Perseus. The town is only 10 minutes away from Nafplio.


In a canyon, in 340 BC, architect Polycleitus from Argos, built, according to Pausanias, the theatre of Epidaurus. Among all the ancient theatres, Epidaurus theatre is the most beautiful and well preserved.

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During your stay in this city, it will help you to keep in mind
some useful telephone numbers listed analytically below.

Hospital of Nafplio:
Asklipiou & Kolokotroni, P.C. 21100, Nafplio
Line of Outpatients: 2752 361134
Office of patient flow: 2752 361171
Call Center: 2752 361100
Secretariat: 2752 361187 - 2752 091222

Hospital of Argos:
Corinthou 191, P.C. 21200, Argos
Call Center: 27510 64290 - 27510 24455

Nafplio Dialysis Center:
Sophisticated chronic dialysis unit with accommodation of 110 patients. With experienced medical and nursing staff. Modern building and facilities one kilometer from the center of Nafplio.
5th km National Road Nafplion - Epidaurus, Aria Nafplio, 21100, Argolida
Phone: +30 2752181800 Fax: +30 2752181801 Email: [email protected]

Regional clinics:
R C. of St. Adrianos: 27520 91222
R.C. of Agia Triada: 27520 44232
R.C. of Arachnaio: 27530 51210
R.C. of Drepano: 27520 91222

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