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Relax on sunny beaches and indulge in the simple beauty of the place! The Venetian architecture, the anapliotiki hospitality, the unforgettable gastronomy and the endless charm. The nature, the beaches and the culture: a wealth of experience to be live in Nafplio, the ultimate getaway for all 4 seasons. So much to see and do … you will not know where to start!

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 Nafplio is a beautiful town by the sea. The love for the sea and the interest to discover it led to establishing a diving center. Very close from Nafplio ( 5 minutes away, by car), Nafplio Diving Center is a friendly family run center, providing quality to scuba diving training according to international standards. They cater for professional scuba divers, wishing to improve the level of their certification. Lessons are also provided for beginners in Scuba Diving who would like to live such an experience. The dives take place around Nafplio and Tolo from certified instructors. For more information visit the site: Reservations for lessons, must be made at least 2-3 days before.
nafplio experiences - Dafni Pension Nafplio
nafplio experiences - Dafni Pension Nafplio


 We have two beautiful beaches at Nafplio to go for swimming! Arvanitia beach is really close from our pension, 5-10 minutes walking distance. It is not organised, it is placed between the two castle of Nafplio: Plamidi and Acronafplia which makes it unique! It is stoney and a bit deep but realy clean as most beaches in Greece. Karthona beach can be reached by car (5 -10 minutes away) or by foot through a beautiful path along the sea (30-45 minutes). It is a sandy beach, organised and quite shallow. You can find the beach bar “Blue sky” for a drink and the diving center next to it, if you are in the mood for water sports or scuba diving lessons!


Adrenaline water sports-diving center is open from May until October in the beach of Karathona Nafplio next to the beach bar “Blue Sky”, provides the customers cost free deck chairs for rest, toilets and shower. Adrenaline water sports has a wide variety of vessels, high quality equipment and qualified, well trained and experienced personnel, cover just about all areas of sea activities with the highest known safety standards, in full compliance with EEC port authorities regulations. At the Adrenaline water sports you can find: Diving, Water ski, Parasail, Jetski, Wakeboard, Ringos, Banana, Flyfish, Windsurf, Water bicycle, Canoe.

nafplio experiences - Dafni Pension Nafplio
nafplio experiences - Dafni Pension Nafplio


Photo tour aims to the selection of various andscapes which offer a unique chance both for the exploration of their natural beauty and unforgetable photographic moments. Special photo seminars have been designed for all levels, accompanying each tour in a different way. The means of transportation vary from vans and bicycly to our own feet. This is an calling not only to photographers, but also to people who wish to experience the viewing of these landscapes through the lense of their machine…


Discover the magic that springs from natural herbs and essential oils and feel their healing properties. Hands glide over skin allowing the enhanced aromatic oils trigger your senses and eventually bring energy flow and internal balance. A total experience that will leave you rejuvenated, invigorated and above all, relaxed.

τι να κανω στο ναυπλιο- Dafni Pension Nafplio
τι να κανω στο ναυπλιο- Dafni Pension Nafplio


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you the right energy to explore a beautiful city like Nafplio. Fresh orange juice for some vitamin C, greek yogurt, bread with butter, marmalade and honey, toast, corn flakes and last but not least warm coffee to wake you up!
There are more into it that you can taste while taking your breakfast at our traditional yard or at your room!
Breakfast time: 08:00-11:30
Breakfast price: 6 euro per person, per day.Near from the reception we have a snack bar which it you can taste wines from local producers, cool cocktails and snacks. Timetable of snack bar: 08:00 – 23:00


While at Nafplio, meet one of the most common means of transport to discover the city! Rent a bicycle or just register to the city hall to get one for free! If you want to get one from the shared municipal bikes, you go with your ID to the city hall and register. After the registration you will receive the passwords and all necessary codes to use this outside of the hall in a small system with bicycles. The system is open for use to any resident or visitor of our city, as long as you are up to 18 years old. Users will be able to pick up their bike from any station they want and leave it at any station.

nafplio experiences - Dafni Pension Nafplio