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Nafplio, for those who want to stand out

Nafplio is a must destination at all times of the year and offers a wide variety of beautiful accommodations for your stay either in the city or in the surrounding areas. It has a rich history and monuments of global radiation and heritage, such as the ancient theater and Asklepiion of Epidaurus, Palamidi, Bourtzi, the Fraghthi cave in the Hermionida Valley.

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The most elegant pension in the old town of Nafplio

The most elegant pension in the old town of Nafplion, Dafni Pension offers luxurious facilities and services to all guests, ensuring the most comfortable, pleasant and relaxing stay in Nafplion. The guesthouse's modern facilities combined with refinement and elegance highlight the unique character of the area.

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Tips so the child doesn't get bored on the ship while travelling

Surely you've been in the difficult position of having to be 'mean', shouting across a crowded ship, at your child to finally sit still, stop running around the corridors like a lunatic and stop squealing with boredom! Maybe you weren't organized properly? A recent trip with my daughter gave me the idea to write you some smart tips to keep your little one sane!

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Tips for your first vacation together

They say a couple's first vacation can make or break them! You will be with your loved one 24 hours a day, you will see the other person in their best and worst moments and you will not have a moment of your personal space. Can you handle it? Here's a practical guide to keep your romantic vacation from turning into a nightmare!

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Tips for the perfect suitcase

You've booked everything for your next trip and it's time to pack your suitcase. How many times have you had to take things out and put them back in until they all fit? Or how many times have you returned from a trip and wondered why you carried some things with you that you ended up not using?

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When the child is afraid of the sea

The pediatrician's instructions were clear: "Put him in the sea as soon as he is born. Babies are as familiar with water as fish..." And yet. If some babies are born "mermaids" or "dophines", others abhor water at all costs. According to scientific studies, not all children are "lovers" of the sea, nor do they achieve the same resistances on the scale of fear.